How to Take Care of Flower Plants in the Summer?

When we think of summers, mostly ice cream and mangoes come to mind almost simultaneously as sweat and a perennial need for an AC. While we find respite in summer-fresh foods and cooling hacks, our lovely gardens often take the brunt of the scorching sunlight and rising temperatures.

Excessive heat can be a source of stress for plants, particularly the home garden varieties, and can cause plants to dry up or wither. Though some sun-loving plants like succulents and cacti are well adapted to high temperatures, plants kept indoors are not acclimated to the extremes of a summer heat wave. Leafy tropicals are particularly susceptible to damage from heat and, if too severely damaged, might not recover.

But not to worry! There are plenty of ways to help your plants survive the heat. Here are some easy ways to ensure that the sunny days don't leave your favorite plants high and dry. Read on to know more.


Water them more often than before


Although each flower plant tends to be watered, you need to take care of them accordingly. However, the plants tend to lose water sooner than usual during the summer season, so an additional dose of watering won't be a problem. Make sure you hydrate your plans well and deeply. Don't add a lot of water altogether. Keep it slow, so the water reaches the roots gradually and takes time to absorb through the soil. Watering the plants heavily during summers will allow the lowest layer of the soil to absorb the moisture and won't let it get dehydrated.

A good tip is to water the plants early morning or after sunset as this eliminates the possibility of excess evaporation.


Promote high humidity


Flower Plants that like high humidity such as ferns, mosaic plants and spider plants should be frequently misted through periods of heat. You can also fill a shallow dish with pebbles, fill it with water, and set your pot on top to create a humid microclimate that will offer humidity and help your plants survive summer.


Undertake proper shading

Sunlight is one of the most important things that your plants need. However, some plants are susceptible, and bothering them with over-the-top heat and light can affect their health and cause leaf burn. So, make sure that you add adequate shade over such plants, which are sensitive and have delicate flowers so that they don't dry out because of the heat. Also, keep the flowers highly hydrated when you put them out in the sun, so they have enough water to retain even if they are directly under the sun.


Avoid fertilizer during a heat wave

Though fertilizer is a good friend, especially during summers, a stressed plant should never be fertilized until it recovers. When your plant is in summer survival mode, it's not looking for extra nutrients and is not prepared to use them. Introducing these into the soil will risk further stressing your plant. Please wait until it cools down a bit for your next feeding!


Avoid repotting the flower plants

Repotting plants requires trimming leaves, unsettling roots, damaged leaves, etc. This can cause stress to the plant because of the heat in the summer, which can damage the plants, make them dry, and even cause them to die. That is why, if you want to repot your plants, then you can do it before the summer season begins so that your plants can develop a survival front.


Prune your flower plants


It's best not to wait till the end of summer to prune your beauties! It is natural for leaves to turn yellow or wilt in the heat. Although the damaged part of the plant can cause stress to the health of the plant, it is crucial to remove the dead foliage to keep your plant healthy. This also helps in preventing the loss of water through transpiration.


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