,Peonies come in a range of colors and petal shapes. Many varieties of plant peonies or tree peonies bloom and it can be appreciated for their aesthetic beauty. Each color and shape speaks to its own special meaning. Here is a guide to understanding the language of early spring-planted peonies:

  • White Peonies symbolize innocence, chastity, and humility. There's a belief that it can bring dire fortune and prosperity into one’s life.

  • Pink Peonies represent compassion, romance, honor, gentleness, and admiration. Deep pink peonies can signify deep gratitude or appreciation. And light pink ones often stand for joy and happiness.

  • Red Peonies symbolize honor, bravery, and love. So, an abundance of red in an arrangement can be seen as a sign of courage and respect.

  • Purple Peonies bring luck and royalty into one’s life. And then, it signifies extravagance, mystery, and creativity.

  • Yellow Peonies represent friendship, joy, hope, and good luck. They symbolize the passing of time and a long-term relationship.

  • Single Petal Peonies often referred to as “Japanese peonies”. Because, they were first developed in Japan. These flowers bring about elegance, sophistication, and gracefulness.

  • Double Petal Peonies signify wealth, luck, and good fortune. Moreover, they believe that it thought to bring passion and love into one’s life.

The Language of Intersectional Peonies produce brings an understanding of how each fragrant flowers grow peonies are a representation of their own unique gorgeous blooms and flower buds story. Whether it be a single petal or a double petal, white or red, understanding the Language of Herbaceous Peonies is sure to bring an appreciation for these beautiful flowers in botrytis blight powdery mildew fallen flowers.