Top 10 Indoor Flowers Perfect for Homes

Plants have this effect on us that nothing else has. The greens we see freshen up our mood and make us feel much better. With indoor plants, there’s nothing like it! Indoor plants can accentuate your living space to another level. There are a plethora of indoor flowering plants that can brighten up any room, and the best part is they are easy to maintain. You don't need to be a green expert to grow indoor plants.

Here are the top winners in the indoor plants category!


1. Peace Lily

Peace lilies are the most incredible indoor flowers and are perfect as your first indoor plant too. To begin with, they are effortless to maintain. Second, they can live in low-light areas of your home and thrive. Finally, they help filter the air in your home as they neutralize dangerous chemicals like carbon monoxide and formaldehyde! Furthermore, the combination of pure white blossoms contrasted with the vibrant green leaves adds elegance to your home.


2. Kalanchoe

Kalanchoe can be the most sought-after addition to your interior. It’s easy to maintain as you need to water only when the soil has dried up. Placing them in a position with bright but indirect sunlight is enough for the beauty to thrive. To enjoy the leaves all year, snip off the flower heads once they have faded.


3. Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums are one of the most popular choices, whether you're seeking an easy indoor flowering plant or want to enhance the attractiveness of your surroundings. They like plenty of light, but not direct sunlight. They also need to be watered often, at least twice a week. Nevertheless, chrysanthemums can bring the splendor of greenery to your living room or bedroom.


4. Orchids

When it comes to the best house plants, orchids are usually the first thing that comes to mind. They offer more colors to the aesthetics of your home even with minimal care, making them an ideal choice for indoors. A bright, indirect light-filled corner in your home could be the best location for your orchids. They must be watered once a week or when the soil becomes dry.


5. Hibiscus

Hibiscus needs a bright, sunny location to thrive, so keep it in your living room or balcony. If you don't have such a location in your home, you can help the plant grow by using fluorescent lighting. You'll need to keep the soil moist in the summers and slightly dry in the winters. They are unquestionably a great addition to your home, even if they require a little more maintenance.


6. Hoya Carnosa

These flexible plants, known for their waxy blossoms, can adapt to various light situations and are easy to grow. In fact, they’re one of the most significant indoor flowering plants for low-light environments. These hanging flowers will brighten up even the dullest areas of your home, so you can let them grow freely on high shelves or in baskets.


7. Begonia

Begonia can be the ideal indoor hanging plant if you seek something unique. However, to keep them blooming, you must find the appropriate spot with bright, yet indirect, sunlight and moist soil. Also, remember that different Begonia species demand varied climatic conditions and care, so pick wisely.


8. Clivia

The lovely yellow or orange Clivia flowers with long leaves will enchant you with their beauty. Clivia might be a little challenging to cultivate, but with the appropriate care, it can be done with ease. Clivia flowers grow outside in the summer, in shady positions away from direct sunlight, and indoors in lighted and cold spots throughout the winter. In addition, watering must be stopped until mid-winter and resumed as the summer months progress.


9. Lavender

Lavender’s dreamlike beauty, and the fresh, calming aroma surrounding your home make it unique. Select a location in your home where it will receive as much sunlight as possible. Lavender plants require well-drained soil, but they should not be overwatered.


10. Anthurium

Anthurium, a heart-shaped plant that everyone adores, is a fantastic choice because it is easy to grow indoors. In addition, they thrive in the presence of indirect light and moist soil. Just a quick note, Anthuriums are poisonous, so you might want to keep them away from your pets.


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