Which Flowers' Fragrance Lasts the Longest?


Ever noticed how strongly our sense of smell is tied to our memories and emotions? The scent of your favorite dish cooking in the kitchen brings back childhood memories, or a whiff of perfume reminds you of a loved one. It's truly unique! In the same manner, the sense of smell prevails in the garden! Whether it's herbal or floral, it's the stuff memories are made of.

Catching a whiff of your favorite fragrance can conjure up people, places, and times long gone. Even if you don't have a specific strong memory attached to a scent, gardening is a sensory experience. The sense of smell can make time in your garden much more mesmerizing!

If you wish to add some fragrant flowers to your garden or home ambiance in the coming summer, keep reading to find out which flowers are with long-lasting fragrances!  



Roses are the perfect fragrant flowers when you want to convey your love and emotions to your loved ones. Roses are the epitome of love and have an uncanny beauty that cannot be resisted. However, it is their aroma that is the way to the salvation of a soul. Roses have one of the strongest and long-lasting aromas that is nothing but a treat to the nose. Order fresh roses at Stemmz if you are wondering how to make a loved one feel all special and loved.



In the warmth of late spring and early summer, many gardens are filled with the heavenly scent of gardenias in bloom. But if you live in a zone where gardenias are not wintered hardy, you can use them as fragrant summer container plants on patios and front porches. Since moths mainly pollinate gardenias, their fragrance becomes even more intense at night, when most moths are active. That heady night-time fragrance and bright white flowers make gardenias a magical addition to any moon garden. 




This fuss-free plant with big, showy blooms can thrive for years without special care. Some varieties have especially fragrant flowers while others aren't particularly aromatic at all. We at Stemmz recommend checking the type before buying. Generally speaking, the pink and double white varieties are the most fragrant. Other kinds of peonies sometimes tend to have minimal to no fragrance.




Tuberose, also well known as Rajnigandha, has a strong fragrance and aroma. It is famous for its fragrance and is listed at the top when discussing lasting fragrances. However, it is not just the fragrance that has an irresistible factor; it is also as beautiful as any other flower that would captivate any person.




Of all the fragrant flowering shrubs, lilacs are perhaps the most iconic. The heavily-scented flowers are the trademark scent of spring and can't help but trigger memories of warm, sunny days in May. Although most lilacs bloom for a few short weeks, the best fragrance is worth the anticipation. Therefore, Stemmz recommends planting one of the repeated blooming lilac varieties that flower again in mid to late summer.




The most well-known herb, lavender, is often grown for its fragrant blooms. Lavender prefers to be in contact with the sun at all times and well-drained soil. The tall flowers and the sought-after fragrance make it an ideal plant for perennial gardens or to plant along walkways. Moreover, it is an excellent option as a companion plant alongside the vegetable garden to draw in those vital pollinating insects.




This stunning yet one of the most fragrant flowers can be quickly grown at home. They can easily grow into huge-sized bushes. Some popular species of Jasmine, like Juhi and Chameli, are among the top fragrant flowers.


Oriental Lily


Incredibly fragrant, eye-catching, oriental lilies add fragrance and beauty to the summer garden. When they bloom in mid-to-late summer, you can find oriental lilies in various shades of pinks, yellows, oranges, and whites. They also make beautiful cut flowers to showcase around your house. However, Stemmz recommends using them sparingly as the intense fragrance can be overpowering indoors.


A garden isn't just about the appearance; every sense should be engaged to get the most from your outdoor space. A sweet fragrance draws you in and makes you want to linger. It often triggers happy memories, too: The peonies in your grandmother's garden. The first bouquet of roses you ever received. The smell of lilacs on a warm, spring day!

Place these plants where you'll most enjoy them, such as immediate sitting area, entryway, or window boxes by your front door. At Stemmz, we deliver all kinds of fragrant flowers you wish to have in your beautiful garden. Visit our collection to order today!