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About our Get Well Soon collection

When a loved one is in hospital or recovering from illness, it’s so important to reach out and show that you care. We offer a variety of floral arrangements that are perfect to show your friends and family members that you are thinking of them during this difficult time. No matter how tough life gets, a bouquet of bold yellow submarine flowers could be the thing that puts a smile on their face and helps them to get one day closer to making a full recovery.

What Type of Flowers are Best for a Get Well Soon Gift?

If you are looking for the best flowers to show someone your sympathy or that you are thinking of them, we always recommend going for a cheerful and bold arrangement. Pink calla lilies are ideal for this, as the pink calla lily is a beautiful flower to place in a hospital room or your home. For a more classic arrangement, consider our white peonies bouquet. This makes a classy addition to any room as white peonies flowers offer a neutral tone and an attractive look.

 Each of our gifts can be custom made for your recipient, allowing you to add a note to send your thoughts, prayers, or well wishes. This personal touch will really help to set your gift apart from others, and we’ll make sure that they know exactly who the flowers have come from. When alone in a hospital room or at home recovering, this could be the thing that lifts their spirits and helps them get through another day in bed.

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