We understand that our service might be blowing your mind a little, so we’ve taken the liberty of answering some of the common questions we’re faced with, so you don’t have to ask them.

What is a Gift Campaign?

We offer the industry’s first and only digital floral gift campaign service that is designed to be specific to each individual’s needs. You can now build your own gift campaign list for holidays and important dates so that you never forget, and you never have to scramble last minute. A gift campaign is also a great way to manage your gifting needs and to track all of your gifting history whether it’s for your employees, customers or loved ones. With the membership dashboard you can always update, change, and augment your contact and campaigns list(s) at any time.

Do you only offer flowers?

No! While farm-fresh flowers are our main passion and calling card at Stemmz, we also offer custom-made vases, luxury scents, and are always looking to add other options so you can provide a thoughtful gift for those occasions where you want to go the extra mile.

Will I be reminded of my orders when I create a gift campaign?

Yes you will. This service is designed to combat forgetfulness when getting gifts together for employees, customers and loved ones in advance, but equally it’s programmed to make sure you don’t forget when important dates roll around. Stay on top of your dates with Stemmz!

Can I view and alter my orders?

Yes of course! We have a user-friendly member dashboard that we provide for our subscribers, offering them 24/7 access to all of the details of their orders including recipient’s data, campaign and location history, important dates you’ve used in the past and your gifts selected. So, making a change in good time is no stress or hassle!

Are gift campaigns for any occasion?

Yes they are. Any occasion worthy of flowers is special, but we understand that an employee’s first year on the job and your grandma’s birthday don’t call for the exact same treatment! That’s why we allow you to input the campaign type and relationship you have to the person you’re sending a gift to, and then you can curate gifts according to that campaign event and recipient relationship type.

Is this service sustainable?

Yes it most certainly is. Since 2021 there’s been a flower shortage due to supply chain issues, and in fact, Petal Republic tells us that 45% of commercial flowers die before being sold. By creating gift campaigns and reserving your flowers in advance, you are helping to reduce the quantity of waste product out there by helping us forecast our inventory rather than just buying bulk flowers and hoping that we sell them.

How do your subscriptions work?

Our subscriptions allow you to select a delivery frequency that best suits your needs - either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. You can also choose the number of deliveries for your subscription with options of 6 or 12-month periods. You can also choose to pay for your subscription upfront for significant discounts or you can pay as you go. We’re flexible.

Can we send subscriptions as a gift?

Heck yea! Gifting floral subscriptions is a popular gift option, and few gifts are as beautiful or authentic as flowers. Think about how much more your employees or customers will appreciate quality flower arrangements over a t-shirt or branded pens.

What does it cost to ship subscription orders?

With the exception of same day and next day delivery requests for your initial subscription delivery, shipping is free.

When will my subscription flowers be delivered?

Depending on the day you chose for your initial delivery and cadence, we’ll deliver on that day for all future deliveries.

Can I pick which bouquets are delivered with your subscription plan?

Unfortunately, no we select the freshest flowers for your delivery date and every arrangement is designed by our designers and meet our high-quality standards. For each of our plan types – Purely Essential, Seasonally Festive, or Elegantly Timeless we create and ship beautiful arrangements that you will absolutely love!

Can I change the shipping address for subscription recipients?

You absolutely can change your address by logging into your account. You can update the address and the data will automatically update in our system so that we can ensure your upcoming subscription order will be delivered to the right location.