10 Best Smelling Houseplants to Grow Indoors

A home with fragrant indoor plants is a more beautiful place to be than a room with just furniture. From sweet and flowery, to warm and spicy, indoor fragrant plants can fill your home with delightful scents. Not just that, aromatic houseplants can improve the overall ambiance of a room, sometimes even recalling memories of your favorite holiday or generating a more peaceful or energetic setting.

Don’t we enjoy our time in the house more and find it easier to relax when it is filled with attractive, flourishing plants that offer lovely scents? Having scented indoor plants can help you relax and feel more at ease. You can choose from a wide range of fragrant indoor plants, including enticing florals, crisp citrus odors, and delectable herbal aromas. With such variety in types, colors, and shapes, you’re spoiled for choice!

Here are some of the best fragrant flowers that you can easily grow indoors.


1. Scented Geranium

Geranium plants allow you to choose from scents like rose, lemon, lime, nutmeg, ginger, and chocolate. In addition, the foliage comes in a variety of leaf shapes and textures that are as pleasing to the touch as they are to the nose.


2. Eucalyptus

While most gardeners don't think of eucalyptus as a houseplant, this fast-growing plant makes a lovely indoor tree. When you rub it, it produces blue-gray foliage with a unique aroma. To maintain your eucalyptus big and bushy, prune it back once in a while and place it in a well-lit area.


3. Corsage Orchid


4. Cuban Oregano

Cuban oregano is an easy-to-grow relative of Swedish Ivy with a recognizable spicy scent. The thick, fluffy green leaves are used in cooking or brushed to release their fragrance. It’s effortless to propagate, so you can have more of these aromatic plants or share them with friends.


5. Passionflower

Passion flowers are one of the most exotic plants you can grow indoors. However, since not all plants are fragrant, you might want to know more about the plants you choose. Tip: Passiflora x belotii, 'Inspiration,' and 'Elizabeth' are some of the most smelling flowers.


6. Pink Jasmine

When these pale pink jasmine flowers open in the evening, they can fill your room with intensely sweet fragrance and evoke the mood of a desert summer night. Like many other jasmine species, the pink jasmine plants prefer light to full sun and partial shade, and need thorough watering every two weeks or more. The best part is that it blooms all year long.


7. Plumeria

Plumeria blossoms are used to produce Hawaiian leis and are tropical trees known for their lovely flowers and fragrant aroma. The flowers are available in various colors, including reds and pinks, yellows and oranges, and combinations, in addition to white, so you can pick the one you like most.


8. Sweet Bay

Besides its quality of spreading aromatic scent, sweet bay leaves are also used in soups, stews, and other foods. If you have a cool area to keep it in, you can let it go dormant in the winter. Also, it only has to be watered every few weeks to ensure the potting mix does not dry out.


9. Lemon Balm

This plant is a natural stress reliever because of its sweet-tart smell, which is evocative of lemon drops. The leaves of the lemon balm plant can also be used to make tea or as a garnish for desserts. Ensure at least four hours of direct sunlight every day.


10. Gardenia


Gardenia is considered one of the most fragrant flowers in the world! It makes a beautiful but challenging houseplant as it’s picky about its living conditions and requires high humidity. It has a rich, fragrant aroma from its single or double white blossoms. Apply mild fertilizers in the spring and summer, and keep this plant away from hot and cold gusts.


Fragrant houseplants can keep your home smelling fresh without the heaviness of chemical air fresheners. Even better, some of them can be used to spice up your meals. So begin your journey into the world of scented plants with Stemmz, and you'll be astounded by the variety of smells these aromatic plants offer!